Ellonye Keniry

Ellonye Keniry

Speech Pathologist


Master of Speech Pathology through Flinders University

Ellonye completed her Master of Speech Pathology through Flinders University in 2022 and prior to graduating she worked as a speech therapy assistant providing one-on-one therapy for children with limited language, play and social skills, and sensory challenges. To provide the best possible therapy to her clients, Ellonye has pursued and completed a wide range of specialised training in the areas of play, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and sensory regulation.

Supporting people diagnosed with ASD

Ellonye also has a long personal history of supporting people diagnosed with ASD, from growing up with an autistic younger sister, to being the mother of a child diagnosed with ASD and ADHD. Following her son’s ASD diagnosis Ellonye’s family began their ABA journey and Ellonye has the lived experience of actively engaging with intensive ABA therapy and early intervention. She completed her training as a behavioural therapist in 2020 to support her son and has seen first hand the positive outcomes of an individualised and intensive ABA program.

Ellonye is passionate about finding ways to motivate and engage with children through use of play, movement and sensory activities, to maximise the opportunities for learning and foster a sense of joy and success for the child.


Speech Pathologist Adelaide

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