Speech therapy Adelaide

We offer speech therapy  for children who may have difficulties participating in more traditional speech programs.

With our mobile service model, we cover all Adelaide, and conveniently offer speech therapy from home to build and improve your child’s articulation, communication, social skills, reading and writing.

ABA Therapists Adelaide therapy autism children

Speech therapy Adelaide

Specialist speech therapy for kids with autism and developmental delays

Our speech therapists based inAdelaide are highly skilled at working with children who might have difficulties learning and participating in more traditional speech pathology programs. They have experience supporting children who engage in behaviours like tantrums, self-injury, aggression, and avoidance of learning activities.

Here at ABA for Change, we have the tools to help every child learn and grow.

Our speech therapists are specialised in


Autism spectrum disorder and developmental delays

We specialise in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental delays.


Pecs communication

We are trained in PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System.


Autism relationships

We will teach your child to express needs and wants and build meaningful relationships.


Board certified behaviour analyst

We collaborate with our Board Certified Behaviour Analysts to maximise the effectiveness of teaching strategies.  

What can our speech therapists based in Adelaide help you with?

With a mobile services model, we work with your child where it’s most convenient, whether in your home, pre-school, or school, or somewhere in the community. Our experienced speech therapists work with children who may have learning difficulties or participate in more traditional speech pathology programs. Our speech therapy programs in Adelaide focus on improving your child’s articulation, communication, social skills, reading and writing.

Speech articulation

We are skilled in helping people who have difficulty saying sounds and improving their ability to be understood by others. Errors in sound production can make it difficult to be understood, increase frustration and lead to difficulties in learning language and literacy. We can also support children diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), articulation disorders and phonological speech disorders.

Autism communication strategies

Our language therapy is tailored for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental delays and often go hand in hand with our ABA programs. We can teach functional communication and conversations as well as receptive and expressive language.

We are trained in teaching and supporting alternative communication such as PECS and Prolquo2go for those with little or no speech or complex communication needs.

Social skills and autism

We can help people to use language in social contexts, such as; starting conversations, making eye contact and using  body language to help them build friendships and meaningful relationships. Some people may have good language skills, but struggle to use them in social situations which may negatively impact their ability to make friends and maintain relationships. We use speech/language therapy and ABA in collaboration to help people learn how to use language to improve their social skills.

How does autism affect reading and writing

We can help people who struggle to read and write who may or may not have received a diagnosis of a learning disability (e.g. dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, dysgraphia). We break down the key component skills required for reading (eg. letter sounds, blending sounds together, etc.) so we can determine exactly why someone is having difficulty reading. These limitations can present in many ways, including specific difficulties with spoken and written language, coordination, self-control or attention. Such difficulties extend to schoolwork and can impede learning to read, write, or do maths.

Speech therapist near me

When you are looking for a speech therapist near you, ABA for Change is a mobile speech therapist service provider covering Adelaide and surrounding areas.  

Our speech therapist credentials providing speech therapy in Adelaide


Approved Medicare Provider


Certified Practising Speech Pathologist registered with Speech Pathology Australia


Approved Private Health Provider


Experienced in working with children with speech, language and developmental difficulties

Speech therapy Adelaide

Helping children with autism learn and growth with our highly skilled speech therapy  experts.

aba therapists in adelaide working with child

What does a speech therapist do

Our dedicated team of speech therapists in Adelaide are here to help. Let us walk you through the process if you are wondering how a speech therapist can work with your child or what a session looks like.

Our speech therapist are experienced in working with children who might have learning difficulties participating in more traditional speech therapy programs. We have knowledge, experience, and tools to address challenging behaviours associated with autism that may include aggressions, tantrums, sensory issues, or self-injury that affect communication.

By implementing strategies to reduce these behaviours, our speech therapist creates a better language and communication development environment.

Speech therapy Adelaide – a step by step guide


Speech therapy assessment

The first step is to use speech therapy and applied behavioural analysis in collaboration to help children improve their skills. A speech therapy program will start with a developmental assessment to identify your child’s current skills and skill deficits and then develop an individualised set of goals. Each goal will be taught by breaking down complex skills into smaller, easy-to-learn steps that we practice until your child can confidently and independently do them. Once your child can consistently do these easy steps, they are put back together and increased in complexity until your child is able to do the big-picture skill independently.


Establishing rapport

Building a strong relationship between your child and the speech therapist is essential for successful therapy. They will create a welcoming and supportive environment, ensuring you feel comfortable expressing yourself and sharing your concerns.


Individual speech therapy plan

The speech therapist will develop a personalised plan tailored to your unique needs based on the evaluation. This plan will outline the specific speech and language goals to be addressed during your therapy sessions.


Speech therapy sessions

The actual therapy sessions will focus on improving various aspects of communication. These sessions can involve a range of activities and depends on your child’s needs.

  • Speech articulation: Enhancing speech clarity and pronunciation, which have difficulties saying difficult sounds or improving the ability to be understood.
  • Communication development: We teach and strengthen functional communication, conversation, and expressive language skills.
  • Social skills training: Assisting your child to start conversations, make eye contact, use body language, and build meaningful relationships
  • Reading and writing: We can help your child if they struggle to read and write and may or may not have received a diagnosis of a learning disability (e.g., dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, dysgraphia).

Monitor speech therapy progress

Regular assessment and progress monitoring are crucial to track your development throughout therapy. The speech therapist will periodically evaluate your progress, adjust the learning plan if necessary, and provide feedback to keep you informed and motivated.


Ongoing speech therapy support

Parent training is a vital component of using a combined approach for applied behavioural analysis and speech therapy. Throughout parent training sessions, you will receive training on any recommended strategies, and your speech therapist will be there to guide and support you every step of the way. They will offer encouragement, answer questions, and provide additional resources to facilitate your progress beyond the therapy sessions.

ABA for Change is committed to helping you to improve your child’s quality of life. 

Book a free consultation today and take the first step towards enhancing your child’s speech and language skills!

Cost of speech therapy

Fee options available for speech therapy in Adelaide

There are a number of different funding options available to access Speech Pathology services:


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